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Carrier of the Martinique Boat Show, the Cluster Maritime Martinique  is an organization created in 2013  by and for professionals. Her goal is to  bring together local maritime players, support their projects and develop the maritime sector by

Martinique.  From industry to services, the CMM  is made up of companies of all sizes, competitiveness clusters, federations and associations, laboratories and research centers, schools and training organizations, local authorities and economic players, as well as the French Navy.


As part of a labeling process “  clean harbor  », the marina of the pond z'abricots offers more than 340 rings equipped with water and electricity and can accommodate boats up to 25m wide, it also has 150 places on land. It offers boaters all the services  : customs formalities / clearance, refueling station, slipway, laundromat, toilets and showers, free WiFi, etc.

BRED Martinique-Guyane is part of a real desire to support professionals and individuals in the Blue Economy sector.


Our teams, spread over all the territories of Martinique, thus have offers adapted to the needs of our customers or prospects. We intervene  on all issues, namely financing, insurance and pensions, and of course all aspects related to the professional management of a structure.

With this will around the activities and potential related to the Blue Economy, we are delighted to be present at this show in order to be closer to the expectations of the many visitors.


In 2010, M2 Organization created the Grande Motte International Multihull Show, the largest multihull gathering in the world. After launching in 2017 the Multihull Occasions Show in Canet-en-Roussillon,  M2 Organization joins forces with the Martinique Boat Show to create the largest Used Multihull event in the Caribbean. 


A3C, with its 29 years of activity in the boating industry in Martinique and its knowledge of the professional environment, was chosen by the Cluster Maritime de Martinique to ensure the technical organization of the event, and its marketing. It intervenes as a consultant and local relay to organize the event and plan it for future years.


Founded in January 2013, the MYA Martinique Yachting Association is the link between yachting professionals, Martinique and international yachting.  : make known our know-how and our know-how. Its mission is to federate and inform companies having a link with nautical services, authorities, local communities as well as all decision-makers on the economic and social impact generated by yachting.


CACEM is a Public Establishment for Intermunicipal Cooperation. Bringing together 4 municipalities (Fort de France, Lamentin, Schoelcher,

Saint-Joseph), it provides compulsory, optional and optional skills in the Center territory With nearly 163  000 inhabitants, it concentrates 40% of the economic activity of the island and has a wide range of infrastructures for the well-being of the population and visitors. In particular, the Z'abricot pond marina with its 340 rings, open to the Caribbean.


The Martinique Marine Nature Park is a new sea management tool deployed in a large maritime area which is of particular interest for biodiversity and for human activities. It thus extends over an area of 48  900 km2 and includes all of Martinique's marine habitats  : mangrove, beach, islet, seagrass, coral community, deep and offshore habitat.

Its objective is knowledge and protection of the marine environment while supporting the sustainable development of human activities that depend on it.

Its missions are  :

The promotion of tourism, the creation of places to welcome visitors with the opening of tourist information offices. 

The implementation of local tourism development programs, the operation of tourist and leisure facilities, studies, events, the organization of festivals and cultural events.

“Commercial” services such as the marketing of tourist services.

Consulting services or support missions for partners, socio-professionals or member communities.


The Center Tourist Office implements its CACEM tourist project, promoting the natural and cultural heritage of the Center territory and promoting nautical tourism around "  one of the most beautiful bays  ".

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Positive media, territory emulators, our magazines, through their pages, our presence on the Net and our aperitifs, weave links to inject energy into our regions.

Specialized in the print media, the web and events, EWAG has been a free magazine publishing company since 2008.

Today it is a team of about thirty people spread over the Caribbean, the Metropolis and the Indian Ocean that constitutes EWAG with the desire to make known those and those who contribute to the development of our regions, these women and these men who boost the economy, the quality and the vitality of our territories.

Archipels Conseil is a flexible design and support structure. The firm operates in the field of consulting in

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development of territories, organizations and human resources. The firm has carried out numerous studies on boating in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Polynesia and acts as a consultant for the Martinique Boat Show. From the first contacts to the evaluation of the projects implemented, our intervention is guided by a concern for efficiency and the achievement of our clients' objectives.

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